Making a Ripple

  • Bring life and joy for those in need

    Christmas time is here and we are so excited. From the snow settling on the trees outside to the cozy fireplace within, Christmas is such a wonderful time...

  • The Skipping Stone partners with Life with Evi!

    Here is a video from one of our partners Life With Evi! Evi has a YouTube channel and is one of our influencers who advocates for our mission and our products. She shows our products in use and especially our Peacock Leather Journal and how it reacts with different art mediums! Check out her full video!

  • Journaling

    “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect" - Anais Nin

    I love this quote. I think it captures perfectly the essence of journalling. I think journaling is a great way to process the information we are constantly receiving and taking in every day. It is a tool that is used to organize our thoughts and understand each moment of our lives. It allows us to be more present as our chaotic mess is organized neatly in letters on a page.