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Aqua tassel neck piece


Brand The Skipping Stone

Add a pop of pretty color with this simple, gold-plated tassel neck piece.

Stone: Aquamarine Rough

Metal: Hypoallergenic. Brass Alloy (80% Copper, 20% Zinc, Cadmium/Lead/Nickel Free) +22K Gold Plating

Weight: 116 grams


Tips for Caring for Your Jewelry Well (and our pledge) - Since this piece of jewelry is gold-plated (22K), there are precautions that you should take to ensure the longevity and shine of the piece. Do not wear this jewelry in water, and try not to expose to humidity over long periods of time (best if stored in a dry, cool place). For the best look, clean the jewelry after each usage with a cotton ball or soft cloth to restore shine. If more cleaning is required, use warm water (mild, soapy water if necessary).