Although life has been hard for the women working in this brothel—where they have not had a place to turn or a way to escape a life they did not want to lead in the first place—there is hope. Jesus’ love is strong and is helping to change their situation, introducing the beauty of renewed hope into the hearts, minds, and perspectives of the people around them as well as in their own hearts. Their neighbors and surrounding community are beginning to be more accepting of helping those around them who are disadvantaged, viewing them as people who need help instead of judgment.

In reaction to this change, and in an effort to demonstrate God’s love to all of his people, The Skipping Stone has created a training center close to the entrance of the brothel. Such skills as sewing and jewelry making are taught at this facility, and women are beginning to view what they learn there as a way to escape their current situation through other employment.

This facility also functions as a center for children to view positive relationships and to know life outside of their mothers’ work. The refuge this center provides for the children who live here is just as important, and perhaps even more immediately encouraging, than the work done with their mothers.

Rajghad village

As Shanti* entered the children’s portion of the center, she immediately felt a change in the atmosphere. The children looked joyous, engaging in singing praise songs to a God who could find them in the midst of their harsh living conditions. This was a place where children could experience a sense of positive community without anything being asked of them.

This was possibly the first safe haven many of these children had ever witnessed. Shanti saw that simply providing a place for these children to go and worship, to be safe, and to be allowed to act like children in the midst of their difficult lives has demonstrated the impact of God’s love to a new generation.

If you want to share a kind action you have witnessed in your own life, please comment below or email us at mattvoss@theskippingstone.com and we will be happy to present your story of The Ripple Effect in this space.

*In this and all subsequent posts pertaining to The Skipping Stone training center, all names are changed for the safety of those involved.

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