Bring life and joy for those in need

Bring life and joy for those in need

Christmas tree and journal


Christmas time is here and we are so excited. From the snow settling on the trees outside to the cozy fireplace within, Christmas is such a wonderful time. It is a time of reflecting on the hope and light that was brought to this earth as a gift. Of celebrating the birth of Christ with family and friends through community and giving. It is a time to experience the hope we received in Jesus who was made manifest to us.

There are, however, many people today that don’t get to experience this hope. Millions of women and children suffer at the hands of human trafficking. They don’t get to experience the magic and joy that Christmas can bring. We at The Skipping Stone are working to bring this hope to these women and children who are lost in the darkness. In this season of giving we want to be the giver of freedom and hope to those who are hurting. With every purchase you make you are part of this giving that brings life and joy to those in need. Join us this Christmas in giving the gift that matters most to those who need it most. Make a Ripple with The Skipping Stone.

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