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Diya* is married and lives with her extended family, husband, and four children. Although she and her husband work hard as farmers to support their family, their earnings were not enough. She said, “life was very difficult—my children could not go to school due to our financial incapability. My husband and I worked very hard, but still we could not fulfill our family’s needs. We have three daughters and regardless of our financial condition, I cannot ignore the responsibility to arrange for their weddings.”

With this reality weighing on her heart, Diya started searching for other ways to increase her family’s income. She heard about the training programs given in the Kansa Vocational Training Center and decided to enroll.

She joined the sewing and stitching training program with no prior experience. She said, “the sewing machine itself was a big challenge for me, but the trainers in the center were really good. They were patient too in their behavior, helping me to comfortably learn the skills. Everything was taught to us as many times as needed for us to learn.”

Diya revels in her family’s newfound freedom, thanks to the opportunities that were provided for her through her training: “Now I do sewing and stitching at home. With the earnings I get from sewing women’s garments, I can provide for my family’s needs and our children’s education. Now my earnings contribute to nearly fifty percent of our family income.”

Diya also mentions how the daily devotions provided at the Kansa Center have impacted her life. She says that they “helped me understand how God works closely in my life. It felt good to remember our creator and beginning each day with prayer and fellowship.”

“I and my family will always be thankful for the training that was provided to me,” Diya says. “We thank our trainers, the staff, the organization, and everyone who contributes work to run this training center for people like us.”

It is amazing to realize that, with so many people willing and able to learn new trades to support their families, all it takes to help them succeed is to provide the opportunity. God has surely anointed this training center to meet the needs of these people, equipping them to continue to build each other up.

*In this and all subsequent posts pertaining to the Kansa Vocational Training Center, all names are changed for the safety of those involved.

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