Divine Connections with Angel Armies

Chris Tomlin Worship Concert at Red Rocks amphitheater Denver Colorado - Angel Armies

To experience a concert at the Red Rocks amphitheater is like feeling God’s sun-kissed creation come alive with the energy of the audience bursting boundlessly as the performers make their marks. As Chris Tomlin put it, “Awestruck we fall to our knees as we humbly proclaim, You are amazing God.” And that is exactly what happened that weekend when Chris Tomlin performed at the Red Rocks. Jesus was exalted as spirituality and sacrament collided in an awesome celebration of worship.

After the concert, The Skipping Stone’s team was blessed to meet with Chris and Lauren Tomlin and the incredible staff of their Angel Armies ministry. Chris is a high energy, Grammy award winning rock star. I was amazed by his humility and his heart for people as right after the concert, he walked to the front edge of the stage, smiled, greeted, and embraced people as though they were meeting at a much-anticipated family reunion. I have known many great leaders and senior-pastors who run and hide from people because they feel tired after preaching for half an hour. But here, Chris and Lauren were doing something that was not expected, but it was a reflection of their hearts.

Abhineeta - Chris Tomlin - Greg - AngelArmies

Chris shared about his heart for children who need to be adopted into loving homes. He mentioned that there are about 400,000 children in the foster care system in the United States. It does not seem coincidental that the United States is the home of about 400,000 Christian churches. What are we doing as the body of Christ?

If our spiritual search leads us to renounce religiosity then such apostasy needs to manifest itself in the nakedness of truth, embodied in Christ’s love and defined in 1 Corinthians 13. The Skipping Stone shares this vision with the Angel Armies “to be the voice for the overlooked and ignored.” We left the concert seeing how rocks come alive when filled with wisdom, insight, clarity, compassion, and humility. Our wilderness can be transformed into a safe haven because even when “darkness fills the night, it cannot hide the light” when the God of Angel Armies is by our side.

You can join hands in solving issues plaguing the vulnerable. As you prayerfully consider your role, please visit https://www.angelarmies.com/


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