Experiences with Ridiculous Love


We, at The Skipping Stone, want to hear about your experiences with ridiculous love. This is a concept that remains foreign to our world. We live in the digital age where buzz words of partial humanity hide behind the masks of political rhetoric. I understand technology but I can’t fully grasp the kind of connection which is required to love ridiculously. If love is meant to be unconditional then isn’t it presumably – ridiculous? When something is ridiculous then it can be mocked by any standards of reason or rational. All of us desire to be loved ridiculously but most of us don’t know how to show it without exceptions or restrictions.

In a TEDx talk, Daniel Newman mentioned, “We’ve grown into a time where our level of intimacy with our device has surpassed the level of intimacy in our marriages, in our friendships and with many of the people we are supposed to be closest with.” My Christian Theistic worldview tells me that suffering comes when we deviate from God’s intended precepts for our creation – to live in relationship with Him and with other people. When these relationships take a back seat and pets, digital devices, and/or selfish ambitions take over the front seat, then anxiety, depression, and other issues related to isolationism take effect. We separate ourselves from the source of ridiculous love and then wonder why it seems so unattainable.

With all the advances in social media, we can communicate with anyone at any time even if we don’t want to. Don’t get me wrong, there is value in social networks and technology. But the reality remains that most of us don’t know what a balance between the digital life and the human life looks like. Culture inevitably impacts our behavior and mindset, but our behaviors and mindsets can also impact culture. If we carry our hardships as trophies, it is usually because we don’t want to take the blame for our own calamities. The power of empathy, that comes with the influence of ridiculous love remains in deeply connecting with God, with ourselves, and with other people who compel us to be more fully human, and more sublimely whole.

At The Skipping Stone, our team has decided that with every purchase you make, we will offer a free gift that you can give to anyone of your choice. This is a pay-it-forward gift that you cannot keep to yourself. Move out of your comfort zone and make a human connection with a free gift. Share that ridiculous love and we will be waiting to hear your stories!

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