Fashion with A Purpose

Artisans showing their Jubilee Necklaces work

Life is complex. Fashion, art, and beauty are topics that allow us to ease into meaningful conversations about our multifaceted existence. The Skipping Stone is a company that celebrates such connections. After all, relationships are integral to bringing about positive changes.

Every individual is unique. So, one fashion style or trend should not be applicable to everyone. After all, healthy relationships start with authenticity. The real story of The Skipping Stone begins with the desire to start a conversation about the ugliness of misogyny and patriarchy.

Artisans making the Jubilee Line Necklaces

The story continues on with empowerment on both ends of the globe. Empowered artisans on one end, and mindful patrons on the other end.

How can one ease into an awareness of the grotesque objectification that takes place when sex and sensuality are reduced to a marketable commodity? Humanity deserves an honorable platform. Our individual fashion choices and outlook towards beauty, art, and innovation can become powerful, purposeful statements that give humanity its unadulterated potency.

For example: "With this unique handmade necklace I support women to regain their dignity and purpose in life."

You can spread the message, create awareness, and show that you truly care while still enjoying meaningful fashion that enhances your unique sense of style.

Our team has decided that we want you to experience a tangible #PayItForward moment. So, every time you make a purchase, we will send you a gift that you can share with a person of your choice. As you spread the word, we want to hear your stories.

Gold Line - Waterfall Earrings

The Skipping Stone’s gold line jewelry is full of lightweight, comfortable, and elegant products that can make busy students, and stressed out working moms go from feeling passé to a full-on a-la-mode swanky attitude. And there isn’t just one right way to mix and match and layer it up. But don’t just make a purchase, wear a statement because your voice matters! #MakeaRipple

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