Pari did not consider her life blessed. Far from it. She was under constant threat of being forced into prostitution by her mother’s madam (her mother is Asha,* the woman Shanti visited in her home who was interviewed in an earlier post). While Asha hid Pari’s age in order to keep this from happening for as long as possible, she knew that this tactic would not work forever. Something needed to be done, and quickly.

Thankfully, through God’s grace, The Skipping Stone was able to get Pari out of her situation and allow her to think about her future with hope. It took a while for Pari to realize her new opportunities as she slowly started to trust those who helped her.

Early on, she balked at the chance to go to school. “I don’t know if I could doschool,” she said.

Like many girls in India, Pari had never received any schooling and would have to start learning from grade one. Now, she is seeing a tutor to help her catch up and has plans to attend a regular school someday. Her confidence has soared as she continues to realize the opportunities she has, her inherent worth, and how much she is loved. She now has a direction for her life that she can help control and that does not point back to the difficulties she witnessed her mother experience.

Getting out of this cycle of poverty and completing an education are truly possible, and Shanti and her coworkers are showing Pari that this is true by believing in her, demonstrating Christ’s love, and helping provide the means for this young woman to become literate.

Shanti knows of other escapees from similar situations in the area who have gone on to become successful accountants and engineers, and that while their past is still there, these business people have been able to largely move beyond it. Thanks to her support and opportunities, Pari can continue to thrive and become one of these success stories.

If you want to share a kind action you have witnessed in your own life, please comment below or email us at and we will be happy to present your story of The Ripple Effect in this space.

*In this and all subsequent posts pertaining to The Skipping Stone training center, all names are changed for the safety of those involved.

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