Get Your Free Gratitude Journal

Get Your Free Gratitude Journal

Our team at The Skipping Stone knows how puzzling it has been for families to keep everyone active, calm, and engaged. Trying to find our own rhythm and routine in the midst of uncertain times can cause some level of confusion and chaos. The stay-at-home orders have not been easy. Many are dealing with significant battles with faith, identity, and purpose in life. You may be feeling the desire to get back to some sense of normalcy. Yet individually and collectively, we need to be ready to face the new normal.

How do we face it though, when no one can really define what this new normal would look like? Washing hands, wearing masks, quarantine, and social distancing have been the trending buzz words to fuel a global culture that learns and anticipates change. We appreciate technology more than ever because it allows us to stay connected to our loved ones. Parents will never take teachers for granted. Going to gatherings with friends will now feel like the ultimate treat. But until we get there, we need to manage our own emotions and the wellbeing of those around us.

The famous author and psychiatrist, Dr. Daniel Siegel is known for his mantra, “if you can name it – you can tame it.” What he means to say is that If we can articulate our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, we can sometimes do a better job of managing our responses and reactions. Writing down whatever is going on in your life could help alter the mood. Perhaps, one can manage some level of stress by allowing artistic expressions to come alive on paper. Even if all this doesn’t alter mood or alleviate stress levels, it certainly helps avoid laziness, boredom, and monotony.

We care about your self-care. So, The Skipping Stone team has decided to send you a free, hand-made, genuine leather journal with your next purchase of $50 or more. We are living during a crucial moment in history. Allow your experiences to become visible on paper. Maybe someday someone will look at your memory and make sense of this whole saga. May this transition to your new normal bring you new hope.

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