Gift of a cheerful heart

Gift of a cheerful heart

Love gives us reason to stay hopeful and optimistic. Romance doesn’t happen without building bridges of trust between people. This spark is the very haven in the wasteland that we all crave. So, be the change. Allow your gift to bring peace to someone’s anxious thoughts.

This valentine’s day, give a gift, which connects you to a larger world. When you purchase an ethically sourced product, your gift pays it forward. A piece of jewelry may feel like a mere fashion choice. A genuine leather journal or a wallet may bring some momentary cheer to the receiver. But beyond that, these gifts remind us of the power of small things.

So, when you gather your thoughts in a new journal, or light up an evening with our gold line- oxbow moon drop earrings, remember that, beyond soothing your own yearnings for comfort and style, you have helped someone step out of human imposed limitations to God’s limitless horizons. A gift from The Skipping Stone is your act of camaraderie which speaks life and ignites heroism. Your love impacts someone’s sense of identity, so make every act of giving a true celebration. Happy Valentines’ Day! 

Get a free Heart Chocker Necklace for your loved one this Valentine's day with a purchase of $30 or more! Offer will be automatically applied during shipping and ends on February 15, 2021. 

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