Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father’s Day from The Skipping Stone!

Father’s day is a very special day where we have the privilege of showing love, honor and respect to our fathers.  Fathers play such an important role in the family and we are blessed to be called their children.

Father’s lead by example. We often hear, “Like Father Like Son” and frequently get comments about how children speak, act, look alike or even walk like their fathers and mothers. This is because a father is the standard that his children look up to and follow. There’s an old picture of me and my grandfather, him mowing the lawn and me beside him as a three-year old with a toy stroller pretending it’s a lawn mower and copying my grandfather. Children copy their dads, in the small things in life, like how they mow the lawn, to bigger things, the characteristics and values they hold and express.

This is why, as Christians it is our duty and responsibility to be fathers that show love, that are patient, kind, humble, and forgiving. Father’s are to embody the characteristics of love described in 1 Corinthians 4-7 for their children to witness and experience. And what examples should father follow? The ultimate example of fatherhood demonstrated by Our Heavenly Father. This is whom fathers should learn from and embody as they become examples to their own children.

Today is also a day to comfort those who do not have the privilege of having a father. To comfort those whose fathers do not embody the love and grace of God. To point the fatherless to the ultimate example of a father, Our Heavenly Father. And perhaps in the midst of the brokenness and anger towards those dads who don’t lead the best example we can practice forgiveness and patience. And for those who do get the gift of experiencing fatherly love, be thankful, be grateful because you are more blessed than you will ever know.

So let us celebrate. Let us celebrate the goodness of Our Heavenly Father and the fathers around us that by their example help us to know our God better.

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