Jewelry is a very personal thing…

Jewelry is a very personal thing…

We believe that jewelry is personal, that it tells a story. We believe that the story it tells should have meaning and purpose because every story matters. Jewelry can say a lot about a person; their personality, their style, and even their values. For many people how their choice in jewelry has more meaning and depth than a simple matter of fashion.

We want to be a meaningful story behind your jewelry. We want to make a ripple with the stories that our jewelry tells. Our jewelry and other products tell the untold stories of women and children that are held captive in the world of human trafficking. Our jewelry sheds light on these broken lives and aims to fix what was broken restoring hope, freedom, and dignity. Our jewelry aims to turn the story shame and abandonment felt so deeply by thousands of women and children to a story of redemption and salvation.

Join us in telling a story with the pieces you wear. In a story that needs to be told and heard so that freedom and hope can be restored.

You will make an impact when shopping our Gold Line; 22K gold plated jewelry.

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