Last Days of Winter

Last Days of Winter

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With winter comes hot chocolate, warm cozy fires, Christmas cookies and so much more. It brings magic in the carefully crafted snowflakes that fall and the fun in the snowball fights and snow angels that are made. With everything, there is beauty in the darkness, and there is beauty in the broken.

There are those who are out there facing the bitter cold. They face the struggle of living in a world of poverty, enslaved to human trafficking. Their lives seem like a never-ending winter storm. They can’t see the silver lining, they don’t feel the warmth of the cozy fire, in the midst of their brokenness, they see only brokenness. We are here, however, to show that there is beauty in their brokenness and magic in the cold. Their current season doesn’t tell their story. There is beauty in their eyes, in their lives and spirits. It is just a matter of discovering this beauty within. 

That is what we aim to do here at The Skipping Stone. We strive to tell the stories of the broken because broken is beautiful. They are carefully crafted by the hands of our Creator and are worth more than they will ever know. More than this beauty though, what we strive to give them is hope. Hope for the future, hope for a better life, hope that will break the cycle of brokeness and burst them into spring.

So in these last days of winter join with us in bringing hope to the broken and those who are weary. Every purchase you make is helping bring women and children out of slavery and bringing them out into a life of freedom and dignity. So gear up with your all-for-one leather backpack as we march into this next season of spring, bring light and life to those who are in need.

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