Love found a way to help!

Ducklings in box

            We saw children running around on a grassy field playing with baby chicks and goats. These same children who just weeks or months prior had no grass around them, only dirt. Mothers who loved them so much they asked for help in caring for their children, because they had no means to provide education or even a place to play. In the brothel where these children were born there is no grass, there is no school, there is no babysitter.

            These children are exposed to so many things, things beyond our comprehension. But, because of the love of the people and God’s grace and unending mercy, these kids know that they deserve health and safety. Each has their own bed. Each one has clothes and shoes to wear. They have warm, healthy food. They are going to school.

Bunk bedsShoes on school stairs

They are witnessing Jesus’ love in action. All because someone said yes, we will help you take care of your children.

            There was no budget, there was no plan in place to help these children. But there was love. Love for the women who love their children enough to ask for help. Love for the children who did not ask for this life. Love breaks the cycle. Love hopes. Love found a way to help!

            These children are being shown love in a way that is tangible. They are experiencing life in a way that may have never been possible otherwise. Just the gift of seeing that there is another way to live brings freedom to the mind that would not otherwise be there. We only know what we know - now they know something new. Even if it’s just for a short time, they have seen possibility.

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Julie great story and so glad we got to see it first hand on our visit to India. The love these children see and live now is amazing.

cam pawlowski

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