Meaningful Fashion

Fashion is often a dreamy reflection of what our world means to us. A golden teardrop earring is a romanticized version of a melancholy strain. A heart-beat necklace is symbolic of the metamorphosis in that moment of connection with each other. The gold-line waterfall jewelry is inspired by the vigor and adventure that flows from the mountains. Wearing this jewelry brings an art form to life. It honors the artist. When you wear our jewelry, you become a part of a greater narrative. You cover the cracks of broken dreams with gold. When everything around us is changing, and the world seems to be moving from the excessive to the simple, may the ease of meaningful fashion reflect that true style does not need a season. It stands for strength and purpose. 


#MakeARipple #BrokenIsBeautiful #FashionWithPurpose #BeautyFromAshes

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