Mother’s Day Message

Mother’s Day Message

            We would like to pay tribute to all mothers who have taken on the extra responsibilities of teaching, cooking, and entertaining their children, while the mothers’ emotions and personal space take a back seat during this time of a global pandemic. But, if we think about it, mothers have done this for decades, if not centuries without receiving much recognition for their efforts and sacrifices. The reason I feel so deeply about this is because my mother still exemplifies how motherhood is not just about biological responsibility but that it is a revered privilege with eternal ramifications. She raised four children who love the Lord and are passionate about making a positive difference on this planet. Similarly, she inspires her grandkids every day, regardless of geographical proximity. But Maa’s sense of responsibility does not end there as she continues to minister to hundreds of women and children, most of whom she knows very personally. Her example is a constant reminder that a mother bears the power of defining the moral fiber of a home, society, and community. Maa always says, “Do your best and leave the rest in God’s hands.” My prayer is that every mother can understand this responsibility, while also allowing ample room for grace because beyond example, as a mother, you lead by influence.

            Yes, we feel like we are faced with added pressures during this time of quarantine. I have had my share of tears behind a locked bathroom door. But that too is a privilege, just as being quarantined in a privilege. I can comfortably store food in my refrigerator and pantry. I can enjoy the convenience of getting food delivered to my doorstep. I have kids to love on and a back yard where we can chase each other while soaking up the beautiful Colorado sunshine. But on the other end of the globe, which will always feel like home, there are people far less privileged. Most people are daily wage workers who feel like they have been affected by the wealthy man's virus. Our partners and staff in India distributed food to families who hadn’t eaten in days. There are mothers trying to love on their children while being victimized by constant rages of abuse. There are families of six or more who are locked down in their two-room hut. There may be sunshine outside, but there is no room to run around. We can’t be paralyzed by shock, awe, or self-pity when this is a time to act. A mother’s position is indeed a dynamic role of responsibility which requires attention and action.

            Let this Mother’s Day gift be one which allows us to respond with understanding and empathy to the human condition and a gift that causes you to pay it forward.

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