Disability is a state of mind.

Affected by polio at a very young age, Saanvi* does not consider her condition a weakness. Instead, she is determined to overcome it by adhering to a positive attitude and hard work. With the help of crutches given to her by a medical camp and work opportunities provided by The Skipping Stone, she is able to walk, train, and help fund her family’s dreams for the future.

Saanvi is the eldest daughter of a large family and lives with her father, mother, and younger sister. Her father works as a carpenter but, due to circumstances outside his control, only manages to secure ten to fourteen days’ work per month. Her mother suffers from a fleshy growth disease that keeps her from working—a disease that is hereditary and affects Saanvi as well.

Because of these difficulties, Saanvi’s parents are not able to fulfill all of their children’s needs. In reaction to this reality, Saanvi began to look for work herself, despite her physical impediments.

When Saanvi heard about the training project run by The Skipping Stone in her area, she joined and learned to utilize her talent for embroidery. Now she is helping her family with her income through The Skipping Stone and also supporting her sister’s education by paying her admission and tuition fees.

As she has taken responsibility to look after her family, she is determined to work and start making and selling beautiful purses, some of which you can see in this post. Every little bit helps, and as she continues to train and become more skilled, there is hope that her family will become even more secure.

Now she is very happy and grateful toward The Skipping Stone for helping, training, and bringing a change in perspective to the way she sees herself: no vessel is too broken to be used for good. She has learned this not only physically, but also through the spiritual nourishment received fevery morning devotions.

Through The Skipping Stone’ help, Saanvi is able to be a blessing in the lives of her family members.

If you want to share a kind action you have witnessed in your own life, please comment below or email us at and we will be happy to present your story of The Ripple Effect in this space.


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