Forced from one unhappy situation into even worse circumstances, Anvi* believed she could never support her family outside of the brothel. However, the guidance of one woman opened up a new world for her, and through God’s grace, Anvi is changing her and her children's lives for the better.

Anvi was born, grew up, and married in a small town in India. She was a woman of average means living an outwardly happy life, but her husband’s abuse forced her to flee with her two children. Unable to provide for herself and her children in her hometown, she moved to a more populated area to work in a brothel.

Working there was not her choice. She said: “I have two children, but my husband used to torture me so much that I had to work in the red light district.”

She had been working in the brothel for ten years when a staff member at The Skipping Stone training center approached her about learning a trade and becoming financially independent. She jumped at the opportunity, eagerly gaining marketable skills and learning about life outside the brothel, of which she had lost sight.

She said, “[This worker] used to give me counseling often; she also made us understand the about the good and peaceful environment outside the red light area and provided a feeling of comfort and home.”

Anaya has undergone training for over four months and is enjoying her work. She says, “I have made friends and they are from the same background as me—they were also rescued from the red light area—and now I know them and I feel great being a part of The Skipping Stone.”

Anaya would also like to thank the woman who reached out to her: “I thank you for helping me and making my life better.”

If you want to share a kind action you have witnessed in your own life, please email  mattvoss@theskippingstone.com 

*In this and all subsequent posts pertaining to The Skipping Stone training center, all names are changed for the safety of those involved.

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