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Several hundred people are gathering right now in Savannah, Georgia to honor the life of a young lady who was taken too early. Abbie DeLoach was one of five Georgia Southern nursing students who died in 2015 when a semi-trailer crashed into their vehicle. They are gathering to both honor the life of Abbie, and the wonderful work done in her namesake - The Abbie DeLoach Foundation.

A little over a year ago, I (Greg) was with my family in Savannah visiting Compassion Christian Church, when Global Missions Pastor, Dave Stewart, introduced me to Jimmy DeLoach and Dana White. Through that introduction, we were able to share the work of Vikas Mission and TheSkippingStone in India, and the needs our ministry currently had. Jimmy traveled with a group of Compassion members to see the work first-hand, and the foundation agreed to partner on building a new center in a brothel community we served. This facility will allow us to reach more women through sewing-stitching training, emotional and spiritual support, employment and through caring for their children through our various educational programs.

We are especially grateful for Abbie today and for 'Abbie's Home' and the lives it will change.

Please check-out this video:

April 26, 2019 by Greg Matney

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