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In the brothel Shanti* visited, a woman is considered old if she is past thirty. And a thirty-year-old woman working in this situation feels old—she has endured hardships she should never have been forced to face and feels the ramifications in her soul and her body.

Healthcare is limited here, and the sicknesses that come from working in this profession, teamed with widespread ignorance about the spread and prevention of these diseases, have debilitated many of these women almost past the ability to work.

The women Shanti spoke to mentioned wanting to leave their profession because they wanted their lives to “end well.” How profoundly sad that these women—young, by our standards—already consider themselves past their prime, past healing, and past any hope for new life.

The brothel is a tight-knit community, and Shanti has found that the “older” women make up an even closer subgroup. Having weathered their lives together, these women help each other face health crises, high rent rates, and dwindling business prospects. Even though they see less business than the younger women working with them, they are still charged the same rate for rent—a steep bill for the dirty tin shacks they are provided.

Come monsoon season, the dirt surrounding these shacks will turn to mud, driving away business and putting these women in even more unsafe conditions. Times are desperate.

Thankfully, the Lord has shown us that even in the midst of the darkest times, his light is able to shine through to his people whom he loves. These women, perhaps having lived in a state of resigned complacency towards their fate, feel more compelled to leave their situations before the rains come, both for their and their children’s sake.

The Skipping Stone Training Center is ready and willing to hire these women to help them out of this situation, and is making strides in doing so. In September of this year, twelve women had been working for The Skipping Stone, and now a total of thirty are working there!

As we have seen in previous posts, it only took some words from a worker to show these women that their worth was recognized, and now we can rejoice in the glory God is shining in this area as we pray for more healing for these women in the days to come.

If you want to share a kind action you have witnessed in your own life, please comment below or email us at and we will be happy to present your story of The Ripple Effect in this space.

*In this and all subsequent posts pertaining to The Skipping Stone training center, all names are changed for the safety of those involved.

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