Uncurbed Audacity

Uncurbed Audacity

Production has stopped. Artisans still need to get paid. Food still needs to be delivered even though the supply-chains are jolted. The costs mount up. But the people building global bridges during this time are the ones who are moving away from fast fashion on to ethically sourced goods that help sustain our planet. That is not just the silver lining, but our golden lining that we see here at The Skipping Stone. Gold is a color that reminds us of sustenance. It is a color that reminds us of God's presence and provisions. In Indian culture, the golden hue is associated with comfort, meditation, and self-progress. Our gold-line products are carefully hand-crafted so you can experience elegance with ease. Please read the poem and consider that your purchases are helping sway the winds of change. #BrokenIsBeautiful #SlowFashion #BeTheChange 


Uncurbed Audacity

Spaces where thoughts dare not trod
Snowflakes fall upon the sea
A dark cloud
In a floating crowd
Sweeping away the ecstasy

The moon melts in the nightly sky
In love’s pleasure
The universe unfolds
Its mystic forces
From cosmic sources
All stories left untold

There was a time
Of cherished dreams
Floating somewhere in those moon drop streams
A lethal trance
A fool implored
Immortal love tossed ashore

One pure drop in hand regains the strength to sway the winds of change
Because a love, not foolish, but infinite abounds - we hear the pitter-patter sound
Drops acquire, waters swell, engulf the earth, we are compelled
To reflect to pray, then seize this day, bound in love, the only way.

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