Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

For your loved ones

Valentine’s day. A day of the year where we get the opportunity to share and express our love for one another. It is a chance to show the gratitude that the people around us so greatly deserve. Flowers, chocolates, and lotions are all wonderful gifts, but do they tell a story? Do they have a deeper purpose? 

Purpose-driven products are our specialty. Our gifts at The Skipping Stone are not only beautifully and articulately handcrafted in India, but carry a story and a purpose. Our jewelry, journals, wallets, and bags tell the stories of their makers. Their purpose; to offer a better life with hope, freedom, and dignity to those who have suffered at the hands of human trafficking. 100% of our profits benefit missions organizations that rescue, train and equip these women and children to have a better life and break the cycle of poverty. Your purchase of these gifts makes ripples beyond what the eye can see.

So, men, this is the time to adorn your loved one with a unique piece of jewelry that tells a story. Women, surprise your loved one with a new handmade leather wallet, or leather journal, or a personal duffel bag that can bring someone freedom. These are gifts with a purpose, these are gifts that bring freedom, hope, and joy to those in need.

Valentines day gifts for him

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