Sometimes, a kind word is all it takes to reveal that change is possible. This is a story about Kranti,* a woman who used to work in one of India’s brothels but is now changing her life through God’s goodness and the kindness of a woman who saw her potential.

As is common practice for girls born in brothels in this part of the world, Kranti continued her mother’s occupation. She has no knowledge of who her father is, and therefore no protection from this fate. Once she came of age, the madam in charge of her mother’s employment demanded that she work for her as well.

“Even though I was forced to work in the red-light district,” Kranti said, “I never wanted to do that kind of disgraceful work. When I was in the red-light area I had a very undignified life, but I always dreamed of doing work in which I could earn my daily bread with dignity in my life and live respectfully in society.”

She was inspired to remove herself from her situation by a kind worker in The Skipping Stone’s training center, who took the time to tell Kranti that, through training, she would be able to change her life. Currently, Kranti is learning the skills of stitching and sewing, and when her training is complete she will be employed by The Skipping Stone working in textiles for a fair wage. Kranti is beyond excited that her future employment “will help me earn money to have a decent life.”


Kranti is grateful for the woman in the center who reached out to her: “Right now I’m working for that institution and living a respectful life. I would like to thank her for helping me and giving me a better future.”

It’s amazing how a kindly revealed truth about a woman’s worth can bring change to her entire living situation. May God be praised for the hope this woman sees through Him.

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*In this and all subsequent posts pertaining to The Skipping Stone training center, all names are changed for the safety of those involved.

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