Jubilee Sari Bead Necklace


Every sari wrapped wooden bead is carefully handcrafted by a woman in India who is learning to discover her God given beauty. This necklace is an integral part of her journey. You can become a part of this powerful transformation by adorning yourself with this fashion statement that is a dynamic piece of advocacy and empowerment.

We have several color options in this design allowing you to choose the best option for you or a woman in your life who needs the perfect gift like this. 

Dimensions: Handmade product 18" to 21"L  0.5" to 1"W

Weight: 2.1oz

Colors: These handmade necklaces come in many colors, please specify your preferred color in the color drop-down menu

Each handmade product will come with slight variations.

Matching Advice: If you prefer something more simple check out our Jubilee Sari Necklace, another one of our best sellers for a more monochromatic look.