• How it works

    Our process is simple. We support humanitarian aid organizations like Vikas Mission that rescue women from human trafficking. These women are employed and trained in vocational skills like jewelry making, allowing them to become self-sustaining and preventing them from falling back into human trafficking. The women then make jewelry for our Jubilee Collection. Our Jubilee Collection is completely handmade by rescued women artisans. Then these products, and other products sourced from India are purchased by people seeking to make a difference in meaningful ways like you. These profits are then sent back to humanitarian aid organizations so that more women can be rescued, employed, and trained.

    The ultimate goal of our work is to share the love of Christ with these women through our prayers, actions and words. Loving and empowering women through restoring dignity.

  • Pay it forward

    Be a part of our movement to bring hope and freedom to these women. Purchase our products and we will give you a free gift that you can give to someone else. You can pay it forward with us. By sharing that gift you create awareness for The Skipping Stone’s cause to bring freedom and dignity back into the lives of those enslaved by human trafficking.

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