Making a Ripple

  • "I alone cannot change the world..." - Mother Teresa

    " I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples" - Mother Teresa

    An estimated 30-20 million people are enslaved globally and about 50% of these enslaved people live in India. Something needs to change. This is why The Skipping Stone is working to make an impact and decrease these numbers.

  • UNCHAINED Artistic Expression


    The Skipping Stone is partnering with UNCHAINED to advocate for survivors of human trafficking through raising awareness, empowering healing, and equipping holistic restoration. Our mutual goal is to see every person freed, every survivor healed, and every life restored.

  • Experiences with Ridiculous Love


    We, at The Skipping Stone, want to hear about your experiences with ridiculous love. This is a concept that remains foreign to our world. We live in the digital age where buzz words of partial humanity hide behind the masks of political rhetoric.

  • The Abbie DeLoach Foundation


    Several hundred people are gathering right now in Savannah, Georgia to honor the life of a young lady who was taken too early. Abbie DeLoach was one of five Georgia Southern nursing students who died in 2015 when a semi-trailer crashed into their vehicle.

  • The Skipping Stone Is A Company That Values The Kingdom Of God

    Cup of Tea

    While I find great comfort in the familiar, there exists an undeniable thrill in seeking new experiences. But a new experience isn’t necessarily a better one, it is merely an escapade.

  • Fashion with A Purpose

    Artisans showing their Jubilee Necklaces work

    Life is complex. Fashion, art, and beauty are topics that allow us to ease into meaningful conversations about our multifaceted existence. The Skipping Stone is a company that celebrates such connections. After all, relationships are integral to bringing about positive changes.

  • Love found a way to help!

    Ducklings in box

    We saw children running around on a grassy field playing with baby chicks and goats.  These same children who just weeks or months prior had no grass around them, only dirt.  Mothers who loved them so much they asked for help in caring for their children

  • Everything remains empty without love!


    She works hard cleaning people’s houses so that she can provide for her family. But her deep dark eyes, outlined with heavy kohl, seem to reflect the layers of life’s sediments that turned her into a rock.

  • There is still life for you


    In the brothel Shanti* visited, a woman is considered old if she is past thirty. And a thirty-year-old woman working in this situation feels old—she has endured hardships she should never have been forced to face and feels the ramifications in her soul and her body.


    Sometimes, a kind word is all it takes to reveal that change is possible. This is a story about Kranti,* a woman who used to work in one of India’s brothels but is now changing her life through goodness and the kindness of a woman who saw her potential.


  • The Father’s Love for Us

    The majority of women that come to The Skipping Stone have never known what it is to experience the love of a father, either due to abuse or absence in the home. The patriarchal norms of India often mean that, without a father or husband as head of household, it is nearly impossible for women to be viewed and respected as a contributing member of society. Through The Skipping Stone and partner non-profits, these women will discover that,

  • One Question that Started a Ripple (Guest Writer)


    Hmmmmm….a pedicure--that sounded great. After all, it had been a very long week at work and it was Friday--I work full time for crying out loud!! Don’t I deserve a little pampering? I might have had one other pedicure in my whole life--not my usual “go to” for relaxation. My recently-married daughter and her friends had raved about this nail place and advised me to "ask for Anna. She’s AMAZING!!” (And, yes, my daughter does talk in multiple exclamation points!!)