Jubilee Necklace


Every bead is carefully handcrafted by a woman in India who is learning to discover her God given beauty. This necklace is an integral part of her journey. You can become a part of this powerful transformation by adorning yourself with this fashion statement that is a dynamic piece of advocacy and empowerment.

The stitching on the beads in contrast with their color makes these necklaces stand out of the crowd any day. 

There are so many options in colors for this beaded piece, meaning you can pair it with the outfit of your choice. This item is unique and special, making it one of our best sellers and a  perfect gift for her, any mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, niece or friend!

Dimensions: Handmade product 18" to 21"L  0.5" to 1"W

Colors: These handmade necklaces come in many colors, please specify your preferred color during check-out

Each handmade product will come with slight variations.

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