Making a Ripple

  • Meaningful Fashion

    Fashion is often a dreamy reflection of what our world means to us. A golden teardrop earring is a romanticized version of a melancholy strain. A ...
  • Gift of a cheerful heart

    Love gives us reason to stay hopeful and optimistic. Romance doesn’t happen without building bridges of trust between people. This spark is the ver...
  • Uncurbed Audacity

    Production has stopped. Artisans still need to get paid. Food still needs to be delivered even though the supply-chains are jolted. The costs mount...
  • How the Coronavirus is impacting our partners

    As of now we do not have any reported incidents of any artisans associated with our partners affected by the Coronavirus. However Vikas Mission ha...
  • Last Days of Winter

    Winter can be seen as a dark time. It is cold, often gloomy, bitter and in many moments uncomfortable. It comes with its share of coughs and sneezes, runny noses and frozen toes, and what can seem like endless snow-shoveling. And while all of this is true, that there is a sense of darkness and it can be bleak, there is always good in the bad. 

  • Valentine's Day

    Valentine’s day. A day of the year where we get the opportunity to share and express our love for one another. It is a chance to show the gratitude that the people around us so greatly deserve. Flowers, chocolates, and lotions are all wonderful gifts, but do they tell a story? Do they have a deeper purpose? 

  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year and a blessed 2020 from The Skipping Stone!

    We hope that you had a wonderful 2019 filled with joy and fun memories. Thank you for joining hands with us this past year in making an impact. 

  • Bring life and joy for those in need

    Christmas time is here and we are so excited. From the snow settling on the trees outside to the cozy fireplace within, Christmas is such a wonderful time...

  • Handmade Earrings

    Jewelry has been an excellent way for people to express themselves. Statement jewelry and other simple pieces help add spice to your outfits and express yourself more uniquely. Handmade jewelry is not just beautiful but has a story to tell and share as it has a unique character. 

  • Invisible Roots Book Review

    "The need for women to be seen and heard, so that we can step out of human-imposed limitations, or self-imposed inadequacy to God’s limitless horizons"

    If you are passionate about women in leadership, please join me in congratulating my friend, Sarah Andreas on her new book titled Invisible Roots. In an era where vulnerability can be viewed as weakness and where our level of intimacy with our devices has surpassed our level of closeness with people...

  • Broken is Beautiful

    Fall is so mystical and gorgeous, yet it is beautiful because of broken things.

    Autumn is beautiful. It is magical with the crisp orange, burgundy leaves, the smell of pumpkin pie and apple cider and the cool breeze that rushes through the air. Fall is so mystical and gorgeous, yet it is beautiful because of broken things...

  • The Skipping Stone partners with Life with Evi!

    Here is a video from one of our partners Life With Evi! Evi has a YouTube channel and is one of our influencers who advocates for our mission and our products. She shows our products in use and especially our Peacock Leather Journal and how it reacts with different art mediums! Check out her full video!